Novated Lease an EV

Will your next car be an electric vehicle?

We can help you get into an Electric Vehicle, whether you’re driven by concern for the planet, or the extraordinary technology that powers EVs.

The Electric Vehicle Discount Policy

The Federal Government has introduced the Electric Vehicle Discount Policy for all eligible new electric vehicles purchased after 1 July 2022, or for secondhand electric vehicles first registered after 1 July 2022. This policy helps reduce the cost of purchasing an EV.

What this means? 

In exciting news for employees and employers across Australia, the discounts will apply to the following EVs purchased through a novated lease arrangement.

  • battery electric vehicles; and 

  • plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (only available to commence up to April 1st 2025, with exemptions being applied for existing leases until they expire

The EVs  will need to be below the luxury car tax threshold ($91,387 in FY2024-2025). Any applicable import tax will also be removed.

The savings in action

For a new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV (MY23 Aspire Wagon) on a novated lease. See how this compares to taking out a consumer loan.


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV (MY23 Aspire Wagon).png
Sample only for illustrative purposes. *Assumes a consumer loan of 10.11% and a novated lease rate of 10.56%. Based on a 5 year-term with a customer driving 15,000 kms per year with a salary of $100,000. Inclusive of employer share of savings.

How do I take advantage of these amazing savings?

For more information about how we can help you take advantage of these amazing savings and help you get you into your new EV quickly and easily, please call us on 1300 144 873 or visit our contact us page

Use the calculator to see what you can include and how much you can save.

As an employee of NSW Health, if you choose to take out a novated lease, you must use one of the approved novated leasing providers.

Smartleasing | 1300 144 873 Leaseplus | 1300 13 13 16 Maxxia | 1300 123 123

It is recommended that you source at least three quotes and seek financial advice prior to entering into a novated leasing arrangement.


Current state-based rebates apply to private buyers, which means if your vehicle meets the criteria, you’ll be eligible to apply for rebates.*

*Smartleasing does not administer government rebates and incentives, and all enquiries must be directed to state/territory government authorities.

Important information:
NSW Health strongly recommends that Employees obtain independent financial advice before entering into a Salary Packaging Agreement.

As per your employer’s policy, 50% of your savings from salary packaging are to be shared with your employer, with eligible staff employed on HSU Awards sharing 30% of your savings from salary packaging with your employer. Share of savings will be automatically applied to your salary packaging arrangement.

*FBT exemption available for eligible electric, plug in hybrid or hydrogen cell vehicles purchased through a novated lease up to the Luxury Car Tax limit ($89,332 in FY2023-2024). 

^ Savings have been calculated with reference to the manufacturers recommended retail price current as of 1 May 2023 in NSW. Savings shown are indicative and reflect estimated tax savings to an individual salary packaging the nominated vehicle and associated vehicle running costs on the following assumptions 1) a 5-year lease term, 2) annual expected km’s of 15,000, 3) an end-of-lease residual value calculated at 28.13%, 4) Gross annual salary of $100,000, 5) living in NSW 2000, 6) inclusive of employer share of savings.